photo remix: Yoga woman on exercise ball - flickr_enthusiast_rocks_Nilmarie_Yoga-001I love working out. I miss working out. I’ve never been an athletic person; far, far, far from it.  See that buff ball-babe over there? Not. Me.  But I know that I’m happiest, and healthiest, when I’m active.

After Baby Em was born, at the end of July, I impressed the heck out of myself by getting active really quickly, and pushing myself. It felt great. It could not have been more different from my first post-partum experience.

But. You knew there was a but. When I really started pushing myself, my milk started to dry up (or so it seemed to me). This really spooked me. I already have lactation issues – due to a past surgery – and since breastfeeding is important to me I didn’t want to screw it up. It was hard enough the first time around.

So what to do? I’ve been jealously listening to stories of booty-camp, and after reading Sara’s post I couldn’t even take (cold) comfort in the idea that it couldn’t possibly be for people like me. But I know that the only time I’ve ever been successful with weight loss is when I went whole-hog. The exercise makes me feel good, which helps me eat better, which also makes me feel good… when I try to fix my eating without the exercise I just get bitter and resentful and eat more.

A few days ago I came up with an idea. It’s not a new one, but it’s something I haven’t tried: power cleaning. Pop on the tunes, and then clean like crazy. Like a demon. Like your mother-in-law is due Any Minute.

Did I mention I came up with this a few days ago? Yeah. And it lasted – wait for it – one day.  But I’m jumping on a convenient little band-wagon here, and kicking it up a notch with the folks at Losing it in Ottawa. I’m going to try and get 30 minutes of activity in every day. Power cleaning will be one. After-dinner dance-parties in the livingroom will be another. Starting to think a Wii might not be a bad idea – but we’ll see.

What are you doing to keep active, now that the snow is flying? Any suggestions for little activities I can sneak in while the baby sleeps (or watches on)?