We’re doing the 25 days of Christmas this year – a special Christmas activity every day. It’s an idea I got from Miss Fish over at a Peek Inside the Fishbowl, and it’s both a great new-to-us Christmas tradition, and a great way of organizing our family traditions.

Day 8 – Cookie Decorating

How do you decorate cookies with a toddler, without anything getting eaten? It’s not “icing” and “sprinkles”, it’s “glue” and “sparkles”.

I figure this will only ever work once, so decided to enjoy it while it lasts. And now we have a tray of Christmas critters, decked out in snowmen and snowflakes (and neon dinosaurs), all ready to deliver to neighbours and teachers.

Day 9 – Christmas Music Dance Party

Dance parties around here are generally pretty “free form”, but DH and I decided to dust off our dancing shoes and try a little family foxtrot – or as close as you can get when you each have a kidlet on one hip. Miss Bea has always loved this – spins come with lots of squealing – and while Baby Em was a little timid at first, we soon had big grins.

Oh, and I guess Daddy liked the cookie decorating, because he pulled out some arrowroots and the leftover icing.

Day 10 –  Hot Chocolate with Eggnog

Sweet. Simple. Yum.

What are you doing for the 25 Days of Christmas? Feel free to include a link to your blog!