I’ve gone really wild and crazy in the past couple of days. First we got a sitter and went out. On a Sunday Night!


We ate take-out Thai and played a boardgame!


I wore yoga pants and a maternity hoodie!


And then, to cap it off, this morning I went for a pedicure. It was, as I discovered, one of those places where they speak softly and offer you a hot drink before they’ll talk to you about anything else – made me worry I perhaps should have asked about their rates before I booked ;).

I had also worried that loading up all this good stuff, two days in a row, wasn’t an effective use of my relaxation time.

Now how’s that for foolishness? “An effective use of my relaxation time.” Blech.

What it tells me is that I needed this – an evening spent with friends, without worrying (too much) about the babies. A morning spent in a chair where I had no choice but to sit still, idly twittering and (almost) catching up on my blog reading. Now as I sit here, baby asleep in her bouncy chair, I feel a complete and utter lack of stress that’s difficult to describe, it’s like I’ve even dropped the stress I didn’t know I had.

Now I think I’ll go really unbuttoned-hog-wild, and publish this post in the first draft!

She’s a maniac, maniac on the blog…

PS. For the record, I called ahead on Sunday night to make sure nobody else was coming. I’m not that crazy.