Last week, I tried writing for one of Mama Kat‘s prompts: “How has social media changed you?” My opening sentence was “I don’t think social media has changed me, per se, as much as it has changed my experience as a mom”.

I never published that post. Never finished it actually. And that’s just as well because today, I’d have to eat my words. Today, I found myself writing poetry. Again.

It was two weeks ago that I suddenly had to pull off the road and whip out my iPhone. I had to capture the flood of emotion as I watched my daughter in the rearview mirror.  She was completely engrossed in the bit of ribbon hanging off her dangly-toy, and I was completely engrossed in her. While driving.

Not really a tenable position, poetry or no poetry.

And now, here I am again.  Looking at something you might call a poem. Or maybe just prose uninfluenced by grammar. I’d post it for you but, well, it’s for Six Word Friday and today is Thursday.