Sara has had a series running for some time now called “Tidy Up Tuesday”. I’ve often wanted to respond with pictures (which don’t work in comment boxes), but worried that creating my own post and linking might fall into the ‘shameless self-promotion’ category.

Between some encouragement from some great bloggers, and (of course) the fact that Sara has issued an open invitation, I’ve decided to join in the fun.

But before we begin, there are two things you should know about me:

1) I am pathologically organized
2) I am pathologically lazy

By pathologically organized, I mean I will spend waste hours organizing my spices alphabetically – when the mood takes me. Otherwise, I either bitterly resent having to tidy up the front hall, or bitterly resent having to step over and around the piles that accumulate there.

In an effort to keep organized without spending a whole lot of time doing it, I am building a respectable collection of Sterilite baskets and bins. It’s organization for the lazy: pitch stuff in the right bin, and you can find it next time you’re looking without having spent much time keeping it tidy.

I’ve got baskets in the kitchen, storing everything from spices to sippy cups. I could write an entire post about my kitchen baskets. I could write another about baby clothes. And my basement. And the kitchen stuff that’s in my basement.

In fact, I started this post with the intention of writing about all of these things, but eventually realized that, if this post were a bin, there would be so much crammed into it that the lid wouldn’t fit. So I’m going to put them each in their own, carefully labelled, bloggy-basket.

Excellent: I officially have my next 16 Tidy-Up Tuesday posts planned. Now please excuse me while I go and organize them alphabetically.