God, I love Twitter. I was chatting with Sara (@saramphoto) and Krista (@kristahouse) about exercise and protein, and asked if they had any suggestions for high-protein snacks.

Then the sitter arrived, and I took off for a cross-country ski.

When I got back, all sorts of folks had chimed-in with their suggestions. Many thanks to Sara, Krista, Krista (@kgraydonald), Dani (@danigirl), and Lara (@larawellman) for all these great ideas!

  1. peppers & hummus
  2. cheese (Baby Bels seem to be popular)
  3. peanut butter (on apples! yum! never thought of that!)
  4. homemade whole wheat muffins (Sara – what’s your recipe?)
  5. yogurt
  6. chicken
  7. hard boiled egg
  8. quinoa (this & whole wheat were a surprise, had no idea grains were good for protein)
  9. nuts

This post has been brought to you by some great tweeps, a great ski, and a big plate of veggies and hummus :).