Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but today I fell in love.

Her name is Esther, and it was Elizabeth, a docent at the National Gallery that fixed us up.

Esther caught my eye last week, on a mom-baby meetup at the gallery. I’m no art connoisseur, I was just exploring the gallery as a ‘good place to take a baby’ for a Kids in the Capital post. And it is a good place to take a baby. But I was having trouble with the post, so I went back today to get inspired.

Inspired doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I did get that Kids in the Capital post drafted, but also found myself (completely unexpectedly) transported by a work of art. While there, I attended a “Docent’s Choice” talk – a 10 minute talk about a single piece of art.  This one was about “Kitchen Door and Esther”, by Christiane Pflug. Elizabeth told us a bit about Christiane’s life, and what really caught my attention was the story of her immigration to Canada from Germany, sent ahead to Toronto by her husband, and how the feelings of isolation as a mother alone with her kids in a new country led to depression.

Mom. Isolation. Depression. Yeah, that caught my attention.

You’ll be hearing more about Esther here. There are many many blog posts tumbling around in my head right now, but I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to start with a proper introduction.

So bloggy peeps, meet Esther. And please trust me that the picture doesn’t do her justice, you need to meet her in person 🙂