Sara has had a series running for some time now called “Tidy Up Tuesday”, and I’ve decided to join in the fun.

As I mentioned last Tuesday, there are two things you should know about me when it comes to home organization:

  1. I am pathologically organized
  2. I am pathologically lazy

As I also mentioned, this means that an increasing number of our belongings are being pitched into labelled baskets and bins – the labels satisfy my craving for organization, and the pitching keeps it easy.

This started in our kitchen, with a new baby (planned) and a pile of bottles, nipples, and breast pump bits (unplanned). We needed a place to dump all these bits, where they could air-dry and be found again when needed, all with minimal effort (the whole nurse-supplement-pump cycle was quite enough effort, thank-you very much).

Next came organizing a new (to us) kitchen, while the new (to us) toddler was getting into everything. I quickly gave up reorganizing the drawer of measuring cups & spoons – not to mention trying to determine which pieces had already been licked. So they went into baskets on a shelf.

This arrangement has worked out quite well: Emptying the dishwasher? Just pitch stuff in the baskets. If it’s a bit wet, who cares: there’s lots of airflow. Baking up a storm? Preparing a bottle? Setting up for the sitter? The appropriate basket(s) come down to the counter for easy-access.

It’s funny, once I started looking around my kitchen I found more stuff in baskets than I even realized:

  • Sippy cups with their niggly little valves/handles/lids/whatever.
  • Baby facecloths and bibs – because life is too short to spend it folding facecloths.
  • Vitamins and medicines, along with things like eye-droppers and syringes
  • Coffee beans and all the other stuff required for the morning cuppa.
  • The random assortment of ‘light’ staples: croutons, graham cracker crumbs and the like.

The list goes on and on.

And finally the pièce de resistance: the spices. I looked everywhere for some way to organize spices that took into account

  1. my tiny kitchen,
  2. my huge spice collection, and
  3. my enterprising toddler.

Nada. So out came more baskets.

The bottles are all labelled on top (for access) and on the side (to avoid lid mix-ups), and organized alphabetically (yes I’m a titch obsessive).  Each basket is labelled with which slice of the alphabet it contains. Pieces of cardboard floating between each row are enough to keep it all in order. There’s wiggle-room for unusual sizes and shapes, and it can all come down to the counter when I’m on a cooking spree.

Next week: What’s not in the kitchen.