Today, Sara wrote about how she embraces the cycle of tidy (and not so tidy) in her house.

I don’t do this very well.

Instead of a cycle, I tend to view it as a slippery slope, where you have to fight for every single inch of progress.  Even if you happen to get to the top, there isn’t any sort of plateau: you have to keep fighting just to maintain your place.

Witness: today.  Instead of finishing my planned Tidy Up Tuesday post, I decided to actually tidy. And things were going well, until 5:00 started approaching and all I could see was:

  • the fresh piles of cat barf in the once-clean livingroom
  • the half-finished supper preparations messing up the once-clean kitchen
  • the pile of “take-me-downstairs” stuff dominating the front hall

Now granted, that stuff in the front hall was the last of the mess, and not only was it all in one pile, but all the “take-me-upstairs” stuff was gone, as was the “take me to the garage” stuff. But all I could see was that pile. Those piles.

Oh, and did I mention there was a baby involved? Yes. One who had decided she didn’t want to be left alone, but preferred to eat and then fall asleep in my lap. Leaving the dinner bits, the pile, and oh yes, the cat barf, all glaring at me. So close and yet so far.

Now, truth be told, this isn’t all that different from before I had kids. The mess was always encroaching, but the slope has definitely gotten slipperier. Oh, and I have to climb it while juggling.

Now, I think Sara has a much healthier way of looking at it. It’s not a slope, it’s a cycle. And I, too, need to embrace it. The same way I embrace the now-sleeping babe who has pinned me to the couch, and given me an excuse to write.