Sara has had a series running for some time now called “Tidy Up Tuesday”, and I’ve decided to join in the fun.

In a previous Tidy Up Tuesday post I talked about some of the stuff in my kitchen, or more specifically, stuff that’s been stuffed into baskets.

Ok, so maybe that’s not all that specific.

Today,  a short & (hopefully) sweet post about what’s not in the kitchen. Namely, all most some of the stuff I don’t use on a regular basis (it’s a work in progress).

We don’t have a big kitchen, although a lot could be done to improve the use of space (I’ll be watching Andrea’s reno pretty closely.) In the meantime, I’ve tried to migrate some of the less-often used stuff down to the basement (that is, the stuff that doesn’t get migrated right out the door).

It’s all in carefully labelled bins, of course, because otherwise I may as well migrate it ALL right out the door, for all the good it would do me.

Some of the stuff that’s found itself relegated to the basement:

  • esoteric bakeware (fluted pans and the like)
  • the ‘company’ coffee maker
  • extra stemware
  • the sushi set (I will use it. I will I will I will.)
  • special occasion stuff (Christmas cookie cutters, birthday cake fixin’s)
  • the half-dozen ice-cube trays that get used once a month – when I’m pureeing and freezing onions for quicker cooking during the week

I had to let go at least some of my organizational tendencies for this – because otherwise the gravy boat and the coffeemaker could never have been lumped into one bin. The trick has been to not fuss too much about logical groupings, and instead focus on making it labelled and accessible.

As I say, it’s a work in progress. Things that come up from the basement sometimes stay, either out of laziness or on the principle that, if I used it recently, I may use it again soon. Other things that have fallen out of favour still need to be migrated down (or out).

Do you have a big kitchen? How do you keep a handle on kitchen clutter?