When we moved into our new house, we had a very aggressive timeline. We closed the new house one Wednesday, and the old one the next Wednesday. We had my sister’s out of town wedding the weekend in between, and a 10-month-old in tow. So when I got the keys at 4pm, the first thing I did was head for the house to make sure everything was ready for the movers the next day.

It wasn’t.

There were 8 large bags of smelly garbage in the garage. There was an ancient chest freezer downstairs, and a queen size bed upstairs. There was a lamp in the guest room that the previous owner had been so kind as to label for us:

Fire Hazard

Yes. That does, in fact, say “fire hazard”.

Thankfully, we had the world’s awesomest real estate agents, who got on the phone with the selling agents and (ahem) persuaded them pay for the clean up. We had the world’s awesomest movers, who called in reinforcements and got everything moved out so that we could move in.

1.8 metric tonnes of stuff went to the dump that day.

That’s right. One point eight metric tonnes. Including a sign that said “City of Kanata. No Dumping”.

No Dumping

But that’s not all. While the movers were pulling junk out of the shed, it collapsed. Apparently it was only being held up by the stuff that was stuffed into it.

Without a garden shed, the garage never really had a chance. It’s now so gridlocked that we can’t move around in it to organize it. I’m sure there’s stuff in there we could get rid of, but I can’t even get to it.

And so, tada! Here is our new shed:

This is, shall we say, a work in progress. But progress is being made, and it is being made just a bit quicker thanks to Sara’s garage challenge.  This deadline was the only thing that kept me going when every Home Depot in town had the shed I wanted ‘in the computer’, but only one actually had one to sell.

So we’re off! We’ve found someone to help build the shed, and with any luck I’ll have some ‘after’ pics in time for April 22!