Every Friday Brie, from Capital Mom, posts a theme / topic and if you like you can join her by writing about a moment related to that theme/ topic the following Monday. This week’s Monday Moment is Surprise

The fishing trip wasn’t a surprise. It had been planned for months. Planned at a time when we looked at each other and said, “9 months. Babies are easier at 9 months, aren’t they?”

What was a surprise, though, was having to make 3 trips to the doctor the day before he left. For a kid who probably didn’t have pink-eye anyway, but wasn’t allowed back at school until we knew for sure.

The next surprise was ending up with a doctor who, unlike our own doc, is ok with prescribing antibiotics “just in case”. Not my usual modus operandi. Surprise.

The next surprise was Saturday morning, when I woke up to “Ooo, mucky messes… I stepped in it!”. Who knew that a diaper could burst it’s seams and leave a pile of silica gel on the floor? Not me. At first I thought it was some strange, clear cat vomit. That I would find a feline on the floor downstairs, asphyxiated on a packet of dessicant crystals.

So I guess that was a good surprise.

The little surprise waiting for me on Saturday night was that you can, in fact, knock a crown off a tooth with peanutbutter. Smooth peanut butter.

On Sunday morning, I woke up without a voice. I haven’t had laryngitis since… I can’t remember when. Before kids, anyhow. Everything else is a blur.

Who am I kidding? Everything since is a blur.

But Sunday itself was the biggest surprise of all. I got up. I strapped a baby to my back, left the toddler in the livingroom, and I cleaned. I conquered the mountain in the front hall. I installed the window screens and opened all the windows. I built the Ikea furniture that has been sitting in the powder room for over a month. I got two kids and a playstructure roof to (and through) Home Depot, and home again with an 8-foot-long 2-by-4, 10 feet of 2″ PVC pipe (x2!), two very large shelving units, electrical tape and a package of deck screws.

That it all fit, more or less, was certainly a surprise. That there was enough in the tank to go out after dinner to build shelves, fix stairs, and repair a play structure was also a surprise. That I could rock this whole temporary-single-parent thing, even for just a day; now that was a nice surprise.

I am momma, and wouldn’t you know it? I can roar. Surprise!