I feel really bad about something. A month or so ago, I emailed Sara with this “great idea” for a Garage Cleanup Challenge, and thus far have failed to clean up the garage. Last time it looked like this:

And since then we have added a couple of bicycles and a pink tricycle. I’m not taking another picture. In fact, I’m scared to open the door.

But I have an excuse. You may remember from that we were building a shed to accomodate a bunch of the garage stuff.

And we were. Building a shed, that is. Here is what it looked like two weeks ago:

If you look closely, you can see a little gap in the back wall.  That’s because that’s a side-panel, and not a back-panel. And while we waited for another back-panel to make it’s way up from Tenessee, a little breeze blew through.

Those of you who live in Ottawa will remember that breeze. Considering some of the damage in the neighbourhood, we got off easy.

Well, the panel arrived on Friday (woo hoo!). The installers came back and put it all together on Saturday. And even though I’m flying solo at the moment, on Sunday I managed to get 2 kids, an 8-foot-long 2-by-4, 10 feet of 2″ PVC pipe (x2!),  a play structure roof, and (most importantly) two *large* shelving units home from Home Depot.

I even managed to build the shelves, with in spite of some help.

Who knew this could all be so complicated? Next week, I will have garage pictures. Even if only to shame myself into finishing.