[The Instagram pics don’t seem to load very well – you may need to refresh the page a few times. Bleh.]

This post feels a little bit like I’m cheating, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because Sara April issued a Garage Cleanup Challenge – at my suggestion – and not only did I not get to it until the May long weekend, I’m only finally blogging about it now.

The cheating part? I live-tweeted it. So all I’m going to do now is paste in my tweets. So for those who did not see it live, here is the replay ;).

[Editor’s Note: I did figure it out – sort of. It was purchased for a bin of scooping & construction-type toys. Not sure how it migrated out to the garage though]

[Another note: we do, in fact, now have 5 strollers. But we are selling at least one, possibly two. If you know anyone who wants an as-new (used once) MEC stroller/trailer, please let me know]

[Hi. Me again. I have to admit that that box, along with several others, went into the shed pretty much as-is. There’s another project right there.]

[So I, er, feel the need to justify owning 8 shepherd’s hooks. We used to live in the country. The hook-density on 2 acres was a lot lower than it is here.]

[No justifying this one though. And no pic – too embarassing :P]

Phew! That took almost as long as the cleanout itself. Someone shoot me the next time I decide to take a ‘shortcut’ and ‘just paste together some tweets’ instead of writing a post…