Every Friday Brie, from Capital Mom, posts a theme / topic and if you like you can join her by writing about a moment related to that theme/ topic the following Monday. My moments almost always seem to come a day or two too late, so this post is a double header: Last Week’s Monday Moment was Talking. This week’s is Listening.



Watching you learn to talk has got to be one of the most exciting things about watching you grow. It gives me a window into what you are thinking, into how you view the world.

Right now, you view the world in family groupings. In any group of geese, you can identify the mama, the gaga (dada), the babies. Even in a group of adult geese.

And this photo?

Well that, is a Gaga and Baby of course. And I couldn’t possibly be any happier.



Shh! Do you hear that?

That is the sound of silence. The silence of two kids napping.

At the same time.

We exchange looks of glee, and scurry off. And for the next two hours, the only sound in the house?

Tap. Tap tap tap tap tap. Tap.

Two keyboards, tapping away blissfully.

Well, what did you think it was??