Facebook was my first introduction to social media. But now that I’m tweeting and blogging (and oh so much more social-media savvy), I suddenly don’t know what to do with it.

At first, Facebook was what I used to keep in touch with real-life friends (and get updates, like it or not, from I-met-you-once-why-did-you-friend-me friends, not to mention the I-last-saw-you-in-grade-3-and-you-didn’t-like-me-then friends). Twitter and blogs were where I hung out with this cool gang of smart, sassy, bloggy-peeps.

(Nothing like buttering-up your audience, eh? Give a girl a comment?)

But it didn’t take long for these worlds to start colliding. I started meeting other bloggers and tweeters in real life. I started wanting to connect to places like the Fishbowl and Losing it in Ottawa via Facebook.

When I started blogging, I thought a lot about privacy. About whether I would use my name – first? Last? A believable pseudonym? An obvious screen name? And what about my kids?  I had to deal with more than my share of bullying as a kid and, quite frankly, the thought of cyberbullying scares the bejeezus outta me. So even though I try not to say anything about my kids that might embarrass them later, I also try to make sure that nothing I say online could ever be linked to them. Especially when I start blogging about my underwear.

But back to Facebook. I figure I have 3 choices. I could:

  1. Just relax already, use my real name everywhere, and stop worrying about it. Stop worrying? Not likely.
  2. Change my name on my Facebook. I hear that’s what the kids are doing these days, to avoid having employers base hiring decisions on something stupid they did in a bar once.
  3. Create another FB account, for my ‘online life’. Kinda leaning this way, but worried will just complicate things.

Do you keep your online & offline lives separate? How many facebook accounts do you have?