25 Days of Christmas: Day 8-10

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We’re doing the 25 days of Christmas this year – a special Christmas activity every day. It’s an idea I got from Miss Fish over at a Peek Inside the Fishbowl, and it’s both a great new-to-us Christmas tradition, and a great way of organizing our family traditions.

Day 8 – Cookie Decorating

How do you decorate cookies with a toddler, without anything getting eaten? It’s not “icing” and “sprinkles”, it’s “glue” and “sparkles”.

I figure this will only ever work once, so decided to enjoy it while it lasts. And now we have a tray of Christmas critters, decked out in snowmen and snowflakes (and neon dinosaurs), all ready to deliver to neighbours and teachers.

Day 9 – Christmas Music Dance Party

Dance parties around here are generally pretty “free form”, but DH and I decided to dust off our dancing shoes and try a little family foxtrot – or as close as you can get when you each have a kidlet on one hip. Miss Bea has always loved this – spins come with lots of squealing – and while Baby Em was a little timid at first, we soon had big grins.

Oh, and I guess Daddy liked the cookie decorating, because he pulled out some arrowroots and the leftover icing.

Day 10 –  Hot Chocolate with Eggnog

Sweet. Simple. Yum.

What are you doing for the 25 Days of Christmas? Feel free to include a link to your blog!

Paint the Town Red! (or green, or blue…)

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Quick, before the snow flies!  Take equal parts cornstarch and water, add food colouring, and voilà! Sidewalk paint!

I came across this on Postcards from the Mothership (no idea what I was actually looking for at the time), and simply had to try it. Girl the Elder enjoyed herself, but mommy had a riot.  And talk about non-toxic, they can drink the stuff if they want to – although you may want to curtail this once the paint brushes start picking up bits of gravel.

And, silly rabbit, this trick is not just for kids.  Picture scrawling “just married” or “happy birthday” across someone’s driveway – not to mention the decorating potential for Halloween.  Our the driveway has about the same slant & aspect ratio as a pinball machine. Hmmm…