The Blogs, They Are A Changin’

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Hello all! Just a heads-up to let you know that I am merging my other blog, Sasha Loses It, back into the Rambling Notebook, and moving the whole kit & caboodle to another server. What does this mean? Well, aside from the fact that comments are temporarily shut down, this will eventually mean one of two things:

  1. Your RSS feed is going to stop working, and you’ll need to subscribe to again, OR
  2. Your RSS feed is going to EXPLODE with all of the Losing It posts, and probably all the old Notebook posts as well.

Either way – SORRY!!!

The good news is that, while you won’t see any other changes at first, this will give me the freedom to make some enhancements to the blog over time that just aren’t possible right now. Hang in there! I’ll post again once I’m all done.

the meadow

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The Open Mind – A Cautionary Tale



Ode to the Great Garbanzo


I was surprised to find a rogue chickpea in my hummus today. I paused, for a moment, to contemplate all that this tiny legume had survived: Industrial blenders. Rolling squishers. Great grinding teeth and chickpea-paste-shooters.

I gazed in wonder at the chickpea. Perhaps it gazed back at me.

And then I ate it.

The Sun and Silence


Six Word Friday: Silence.

Hello sun light, my old friend
I’m walking in your warmth again.
From depths of seemingly endless night
Out of darkness into the light
From visions, that dragged me down
To find, deep in my mind
The dark, the tears, the silence.

Deep in thought, I walked alone
Narrow halls I thought my own
Voices speaking in tongues of fire
Bitter chants from a raging choir
When their words were stabbed by
the flash of an angry light,
Drove me to write
And break the wall of silence

In the light I finally saw
No more need to feel alone
Talk and laughter now transport me
Flying skywards, I am set free
And the friendships that brought me
To this place, this peaceful space,
Bring warmth and light, and silence.

Monday(ish) Moment: Bliss


Every Friday Brie, from Capital Mom, posts a theme / topic and if you like you can join her by writing about a moment related to that theme/ topic the following Monday. This week’s Monday Moment is Bliss.


This post has too many words, too much complexity, for a moment so simple. Me, rushing in from the car, trying to stop thinking about work and start thinking about dinner. You, lying by the door in your pink polka-dot raincoat, looking up at the sky. As though it were the most natural thing in the world.

Lay down, you said, patting the grass beside you.

So I did. And it was the most natural thing in the world.


There are so many times that I wish the world would stop turning, just for a moment. A moment to catch my breath. A moment to hold on to you as you are, right now.

For that moment, there in the grass, the world stood still.


Too much complexity, too many words. All I needed was one:



Address change, coming soon!


I seem to enjoy the potential for interminable reinvention that the blogosphere permits me. The Madonna of blogging? Perhaps. Except I don’t think even I would wear those pointy things on my boobs.

But I digress.

I will shortly be changing my blog address to This will mess up your subscriptions (RSS for sure, possibly email subscribers as well), and for that I am truly sorry. To compensate, I would like to offer you a free subscription to my new address! 😛

And a coffee. Leave me a comment here, and if we ever have the chance to meet in real life, I will buy you a coffee. For realz.

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