The Blogs, They Are A Changin’

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Hello all! Just a heads-up to let you know that I am merging my other blog, Sasha Loses It, back into the Rambling Notebook, and moving the whole kit & caboodle to another server. What does this mean? Well, aside from the fact that comments are temporarily shut down, this will eventually mean one of two things:

  1. Your RSS feed is going to stop working, and you’ll need to subscribe to again, OR
  2. Your RSS feed is going to EXPLODE with all of the Losing It posts, and probably all the old Notebook posts as well.

Either way – SORRY!!!

The good news is that, while you won’t see any other changes at first, this will give me the freedom to make some enhancements to the blog over time that just aren’t possible right now. Hang in there! I’ll post again once I’m all done.

Address change, coming soon!


I seem to enjoy the potential for interminable reinvention that the blogosphere permits me. The Madonna of blogging? Perhaps. Except I don’t think even I would wear those pointy things on my boobs.

But I digress.

I will shortly be changing my blog address to This will mess up your subscriptions (RSS for sure, possibly email subscribers as well), and for that I am truly sorry. To compensate, I would like to offer you a free subscription to my new address! 😛

And a coffee. Leave me a comment here, and if we ever have the chance to meet in real life, I will buy you a coffee. For realz.

A simple question


So. How many people would shoot me if I changed the name and address of my blog? Yes, again. I’m thinking of something along the lines of…

Writing, Writing, Everywhere

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Today is Tuesday. And it’s one of those Tuesdays where I have something to say at Losing It in Ottawa (although that one isn’t so much a blog post as a battle-cry), and a (very) little something to say for Tidy-Up Tuesday. But I’ve also started this other blog, about weight loss, so I thought I’d pass along a link to the post I wrote about dressing for the job you want. Because, well, I kinda enjoyed writing it.

Happy Tuesday!

Untying the Knots


Over the past several weeks, I have been tying myself up in knots over a whole bunch of things. One of them has been about weight loss, and writing about weight loss, and the fact that I’d like to do more of it.

But for some reason, I don’t want to do it here.

If you are reading this, you no doubt already know that I write at Losing It in Ottawa every two weeks. And I love doing that, and intend to continue. But I usually spend a lot of time thinking about those posts, and writing, and re-writing, and then throwing them away because something else comes up between writing time and press-time.

What I want to add to that is being able to write little bits, here and there, about what is going on right now. Stuff that wouldn’t fit in a single post if I collected it all up for 2 weeks. Stuff that I don’t need to take the same kind of time over.

And so, here come the knots. Do I do this on my current blog? A different blog? If I start another blog, then first I need to make it pretty, come up with a good name… Oh, and I don’t have time for this blog, how could I possibly have time for another? And I should really try to explain why I can’t write about it all here in the first place…

Today I decided to cut through the knots and get on with it already. I started another blog. I’ll pretty it up later (maybe). I’ll explain later (maybe). I’ll rename it some time (very probably). But for what it’s worth, here it is:

(First Past the) Post-Election Hangover


Because I know what everyone is looking for today is more election talk, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

I’m not going to talk about how I feel about the results. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows who I didn’t vote for, even if I didn’t share who I actually did vote for. And either way, this is how our system works.

But what I would like to highlight is a way in which (I think) it doesn’t work – regardless of who wins any given election. Take a look at this chart:

The raw data comes from Elections Canada. What it shows is that, for example, for each Conservative MP, roughly 35K people voted Conservative. Sixteen times as may voters stand behind the one Green MP. It took twice as many Liberal votes to get a single seat as NDP votes.

Now, as many will point out, you don’t vote for a party – you vote for a candidate: a local representative that you send to Ottawa on your behalf. But in the (near-) absence of free votes in the house, it’s pretty safe to say that you are effectively electing a party, not a person.

I didn’t vote Green, and actively dislike the Bloc, but even I am offended by the under-representation of their supporters in the House of Commons.

This is a simplification, but I think it’s safe to say: the system is broken. Very very broken. And I’m not sure what it’s going to take to fix it.

Addendum: Thanks Maureen for sending me this link to Fair Vote Canada, with a slightly different take: Actual seats won: CON 167, NDP 102, LIB 34, BQ 4, GREEN 1

If the seats were won in proportion to the votes that were cast: CON 122, NDP 95, LIB 59, BQ 19, GREEN 13

The Garage Odyssey Continues


I feel really bad about something. A month or so ago, I emailed Sara with this “great idea” for a Garage Cleanup Challenge, and thus far have failed to clean up the garage. Last time it looked like this:

And since then we have added a couple of bicycles and a pink tricycle. I’m not taking another picture. In fact, I’m scared to open the door.

But I have an excuse. You may remember from that we were building a shed to accomodate a bunch of the garage stuff.

And we were. Building a shed, that is. Here is what it looked like two weeks ago:

If you look closely, you can see a little gap in the back wall.  That’s because that’s a side-panel, and not a back-panel. And while we waited for another back-panel to make it’s way up from Tenessee, a little breeze blew through.

Those of you who live in Ottawa will remember that breeze. Considering some of the damage in the neighbourhood, we got off easy.

Well, the panel arrived on Friday (woo hoo!). The installers came back and put it all together on Saturday. And even though I’m flying solo at the moment, on Sunday I managed to get 2 kids, an 8-foot-long 2-by-4, 10 feet of 2″ PVC pipe (x2!),  a play structure roof, and (most importantly) two *large* shelving units home from Home Depot.

I even managed to build the shelves, with in spite of some help.

Who knew this could all be so complicated? Next week, I will have garage pictures. Even if only to shame myself into finishing.

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