The Sun and Silence


Six Word Friday: Silence.

Hello sun light, my old friend
I’m walking in your warmth again.
From depths of seemingly endless night
Out of darkness into the light
From visions, that dragged me down
To find, deep in my mind
The dark, the tears, the silence.

Deep in thought, I walked alone
Narrow halls I thought my own
Voices speaking in tongues of fire
Bitter chants from a raging choir
When their words were stabbed by
the flash of an angry light,
Drove me to write
And break the wall of silence

In the light I finally saw
No more need to feel alone
Talk and laughter now transport me
Flying skywards, I am set free
And the friendships that brought me
To this place, this peaceful space,
Bring warmth and light, and silence.

Ap plausium


Theme for Six Word Friday: Again.

I hold my breath, peer down.
A gain? No, a loss. Again.
Bits of me are disappearing. Again.
I’ll have to go shopping. Again.

And now, to do it again.
And again, and again, and again.

Just Go

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Theme for Six Word Friday: Go.

Sometimes I just need to go.
To be elsewhere. To be transported,
By roaring engines, or turning pages.
Somewhere I have never been, or
Somewhere that I know and love;
Either way, it’s time to go.

oh well.


Theme for Six Word Friday: Well.

Well, well, well. It’s Friday already.
How did that happen, I wonder?
Scribbling, scrabbling, the well is dry.
Thought everything was well in hand,
But today is Six Word Friday.
And I got nuthin’. Oh well.

Six Word Sunday

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Theme for Six Word Friday: Novel.
Yes I know today is Sunday.
(and barely that, truth be told)

Me and My Girls: A Novel

Novel: me. Fallling, truly madly deeply,
For a painting. In a gallery.
Just out on a sanity-ramble,
To somewhere warm, with underground parking.

So much depth in two dimensions,
For one who doesn’t “get art”.

Or even poetry, for that matter.

Novel: you. Growing, changing, every day.
A new word, I don’t quite
catch, so you patiently repeat it.
Dam. Dam? No, dam. Jam? Yesh!

Watching your sister, holding her close.
Wanting to help. Ready to laugh.

Novel: you. At first an object,
Then a subject, now a verb.
First smiling, now rolling, soon crawling.
Jumping, harnessed, but just barely contained.

Watching your sister, holding her close.
Wanting to learn. Ready to laugh.

You both, moving me. To poetry.

How have we changed, grown, together?
I could write you a novel.



Theme for today’s Six Word Friday: seconds

Second post on a busy day.
Second look, does not quite say
What I wanted it to say.
Seconds pass, do I delete it?
But hindsight is only 20-20 if
You have something to look at.



Thirty minutes. One me. Two skis.
Trees a-twitter with 140 cheeky characters.
Peeling off layers as I go;
Swish, swish. Swish, swish. Swish, swish.
Layers of weight, layers of thought.
Then home. Tired, weightless, renewed. Refreshed.

Morning Ski