If you do any writing, you’ve probably heard this before, but this is the first time I’ve tried it: I got DH to read aloud a piece I’m submitting to the Canada Writes Edible Non-Fiction Challenge, and found at least four things that I wanted to change in a 300-word manuscript that I thought was (finally) finished.

It was an entirely useful exercise, completely different even from reading it aloud myself. I’d get him to do it again, but given that he also got to sit through the thesaurus rampage that changed “lots of tasty stuff” into “oodles of edible fare” (but only after we’d been through “oodles of entirely edible fare”, “oodles of edible delights”, “an abundance of entirely edible delights”, and “a wealth of savoury delights”), I’m thinking that a second reading tonight might be grounds for divorce. I’m pretty sure that that contract they made me sign at the church had a “cruel and unusual” clause.

Hm. Maybe I should check that. The deadline is noon tomorrow.

Do you read your work aloud? Does it help?
Do you ever coerce ask someone else to read it for you?