Lather, rinse, repeat. (Or: This is your brain on kids)


img © Omar Chatriwala

This morning I was in the shower… too much information? Again?

Oh well.

This morning I was in the shower. I was conditioning my hair when I suddenly couldn’t remember whether I had shampooed yet. I had to rinse it all out and start again.

Then I “helped” my 3-year-old get dressed. I told her that her shirt was backwards, and helped her turn it around. Then I noticed that, while the shirt was now frontwards, the kid was backwards.

That’s right, I looked at my daughter and couldn’t tell front from back.

So I thought to myself, this would make a great blog post. I should make a list of all the crazy things that mommy brain can do.

But I can’t remember what any of them are.

This is your brain on kids.


Too Much Information?


I just gave away all my maternity clothes and have been flogging various bits of baby gear on kijiji (Stay tuned! More to come!).  But between Sara (who is expecting) and Julie (whose only crime is to blog about her family of six, and today’s post isn’t even about that), I suddenly find myself with the baby-crazies. Witness the latest message exchange with DH: