Today was, of course, the big day for a rather famous couple across the pond. And while I wasn’t all that caught up in the wedding preparations, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed some of the night-before twittering, especially when the wedding pics came out.

I didn’t get up to see the festivities live, but I did tune in for some highlights. And it was impossible to miss the suppressed grin when “for richer or for poorer” came up.  It was the same nervous, oh-my-god-don’t-laugh-now grin that I remember from my own wedding vows, and a lovely reminder that, whoever these two people are, and whatever the monarchy might mean to you, they were also a nervous, excited couple standing at the front of family and friends (and 2 billion spectators) to say “I do”.

My avatar donned a veil for the twitter celebrations, and it occurred to me briefly that I should put on the real thing to watch the TV coverage.

Then I remembered: I don’t have a veil. At least, not any more.

When DH and I got married, we did something that I think all couples should think about doing (at least the ones who are paying their own way): We started putting money aside in a special account and – this is the important part – when the wedding was over, that would be the house down-payment fund.

And let me tell you, it really helps put things in perspective when you’re deciding: a limo, or a house? A  martini-mixing ice sculpture, or a house? We decided to skip the limo (and, *sigh*, the ice sculpture), and spend the money instead on a nice venue, good food, and a brass quartet. And the one thing all the guests still talk about was actually free: when we tried to hire our ballroom dance instructors to keep folks entertained during photos, they insisted on making it their gift to us.

I found my dress in a shop in Toronto, and loved it from the moment I pulled it on. It was perfect. But it was also very expensive. So I decided to keep it in mind, but keep looking. And then, purely by chance (I wasn’t wedding shopping at the time), I found the exact same dress as a rental in a Montreal boutique.

A rental?  Seriously? You can rent a wedding dress? I had to think about it first. How would I feel giving it back  at the end of the day? Could I do that?

This may sound strange, but I decided to take a lesson from my first cat, Mischief, whose ashes sit in the top of my closet – mostly because I don’t know what do do with them. I paid for an ash return because I didn’t want to regret not doing it. But what to do with them now? Keep them on a shelf? Toss them?

In the end, I decided I could give back the dress. What’s more, I probably needed to. What was the alternative? Have it preserved? For an as-yet-unplanned daughter? What if she didn’t want it? And as far as I know, those boxes are hermetically sealed. You can’t even take it out to look at it. Has anyone ever opened theirs? Is there really a dress in there?

So a rental it was. It cut the price tag in half (yes, just half), and saved me having to figure out what to do with it afterwards.

But a veil. I kinda wish I had the veil. It really would have been something to watch my daughter walk down the aisle in my veil.

Oh, who am I kidding? If and when I watch my daughter walk down the aisle, whatever she happens to be wearing will be the furthest thing from my mind.

What’s on your mind? Weddings? Dresses? What did you do with yours?